Conflicts of interest 

Lysa’s goal is to avoid conflicts of interest to the greatest extent possible. As part of this, we work to identify and see how we can avoid such conflicts. 

An investment firm such as Lysa must identify the conflicts of interest that may arise in the business, for example between Lysa and its customers or between different customers in connection with Lysa’s services. Examples of circumstances which are to be considered are whether Lysa or its owners, in addition to agreed remuneration, may gain a profit or avoid a financial loss at the customer's expense.

Furthermore, Lysa has an obligation to prevent customers' interests from being adversely affected by conflicts of interest. If measures taken are not sufficient to prevent a customer’s interests from being adversely affected, Lysa must clearly inform the customer about the nature or source of the conflict of interest before performing a service on behalf of the customer.

The Board of Directors of Lysa has adopted an instruction for handling conflicts of interest. The purpose of the instruction is to prevent conflicts of interest and, if a conflict still arises, to prevent a negative impact on the customers’ interests. The instruction describes potential conflicts of interest and the measures taken to prevent such adverse effects. The instruction states, among other things, how a sufficient degree of independence can be achieved in order to, as far as possible, avoid that conflicts of interest arise between different departments and units within Lysa and how any conflicts of interest that arise should be managed.

At the customer's request, Lysa can provide further information on the instruction for handling conflicts of interest.