Information about suitability assessment 

For Lysa to be able to act in your best interest, we perform something called a “suitability assessment”. The suitability assessment means that we collect information about your knowledge and experience relating to investments, your investment goal, your risk profile, your financial situation and your suitability preferences. We do this in order to determine whether saving with Lysa is suitable for you and which kind of portfolio that is suitable. 

The suitability assessment is performed in order for us to be able to act in your best interest. It is therefore important that you provide us with the correct information and answers on the questions that we ask. In some instances, the questions may be perceived as intimate, but Lysa needs the information in order to be able to perform the service for you in the best way possible.

We will ask you to answer the questions again once a year to ensure that your portfolio still is suitable for you. If anything happens in the meantime you should change your answers in the suitability assessment when signed in on Lysas website. 

Our recommendation is based only on the answers you provide to the questions in the digital suitability assessment. If you need help in understanding a question you are welcome to contact us.