Your safety is our highest priority. 

Lysa is an investment firm under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Lysa’s system developers have solid experience from the banking, telecom sector and payment systems. All of these areas have high demands on customer safety. Lysa’s Board of Directors consists of people with many years of experience from the banking world. 

The security architecture has been developed and tested together with Sweden’s leading consulting companies within IT security and all system development applies the industry standard body’s OWASP guidelines. 

Lysa uses two-factor authentication signing in on our website. When you visit, the communication is encrypted through a so-called https connection. All pages that you visit are encrypted, and all information that you enter on our web pages is sent encrypted. We use the most powerful encryption protocols that modern browsers support. 

Lysa is obliged to keep your securities separate from its own assets. The same applies to the money associated with the requirements of record keeping that Lysa receives in connection with the portfolio management. Since your securities and money must be separate from Lysa's assets, you are entitled to them if Lysa enters into bankruptcy. More information on the management of securities and customers’ money can be found under Investor protection and deposit guarantee.